During our VDI Explained Webinar, our coworkers Nate, Brian, Tracy and Matt discuss adjusting to a ‘New Normal’ using VDI. Since COVID-19, many businesses are rethinking their IT infrastructure and what the best options are moving forward.

What is VDI and How is COVID-19 Advancing VDI?

To start, what exactly is VDI? Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a software technology used to create a virtualized desktop environment on a remote server setup allowing users to conduct business effectively and remotely. The use of VDI became imperative to businesses everywhere after COVID-19 forced employees into remote operations.

Since COVID-19, businesses have been rethinking their IT infrastructure. Nate explains how VDI plays a big role in that discussion and should be taken into consideration on what work will look like in the future. Nate explains how many businesses didn’t have a plan in place at the start of the pandemic and scrambled to bring their operations online. Now that the pandemic is settling, businesses are now considering putting a solid plan in place to accommodate their operations for the future. This creates a larger discussion for remote connectivity and the benefits of VDI.

‘Future-Proof’ Yourself

Matt continues by discussing how organizations can ‘future-proof’ themselves in order to be stronger and more agile for any surprising events that may occur in the future. Even when things begin to seem back to normal, this experience could challenge organizations to view things differently and think of new ways to better their organization overall. It is important to be flexible and be able to move from option to option without having a major impact on your business. An example of having a flexible work environment would be having an employee who may not feel well have the option to work remotely. The employee is happy to stay home while still being able to work, creating a positive work and employee environment. This flexibility is one of VDI’s key strengths.

Tracy follows up with more technical advantages of VDI. From an IT Support standpoint, if a client has an issue, we at GraVoc need to be able to connect remotely and troubleshoot the issues that are occurring on a client’s machine. We can troubleshoot issues much quicker when using VDI. In the security aspect, using VDI allows users to be able to connect from a secure center and not be concerned with connecting to an end user’s computer that may not have things like an updated antivirus or something that could negatively affect our computers or servers.

The New Normal

As ‘The New Normal’ becomes a popular buzz-term, it has challenged organizations to do better and work harder to be able to thrive under certain circumstances. With VDI, this can be the plan organizations need in order to make a smooth transition into our new normal and allow companies to have full control while still operating efficiently. As you and your organization plan for a new normal, our team here at GraVoc is available to help assist with any questions, concerns or feedback needed to help implement the right VDI technology for your organization. Feel free to visit our contact page to get in touch with us or check out our Information Technology Services or our Information Security Services.

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