Are you underutilizing Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams has quickly become one of the top collaboration tools used throughout the business world. If you’re currently using Teams, you know first-hand that Microsoft is constantly rolling out new features and updates, many of which tend to go under the radar. Most of these updates and features are real game changers in terms of what can be done through collaboration applications. From full phone systems to seamless 3rd party application integrations, Microsoft Teams is constantly evolving and adding advanced features designed to boost productivity within your organization.

This webinar was streamed on Thursday April 16th, 2020. Check it out above where our co-worker and Microsoft Teams Guru, Joey, explores the over-looked features within Microsoft Teams and demos how they can help streamline both communication and collaboration efforts within your organization!

In this webinar, we’ll go over:

Microsoft Teams Phone System


Application Integrations

Unified File Sharing & Collaboration features

Office 365 Integration

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