November 15, 2018


Cambridge Marriott,
50 Broadway Cambridge, MA


7:00 am – 10:00 am

Life science companies are recognizing that patient outcomes are becoming the primary metric of value and quality in healthcare.  Developing a true focus on outcomes permeates the entire biopharma manufacturing organization, and can include new patient-centric channels, products and services, and operating model.  As regulators, payors, IDN’s, HCPs and patients increase the focus on value in healthcare, manufacturers must demonstrate an ability to impact outcomes to gain a competitive advantage, and must reach patients directly in providing their critical information and solutions.

Todd Applebaum, Managing Partner, Converge Consulting, a local strategy and operations consulting firm for life science will be in to speak at this breakfast event. Join Todd, GraVoc and your peers to network and learn about how industry leaders are building more patient outcomes-focused commercial and operations models, including the data enabling these innovative models, to help Manufacturers deliver personalized solutions to the patient that improve overall outcomes.

You will walk away from this session understanding…

  • What Patient Outcomes Focus really means, using examples from industry leaders.
  • Why a focus on patient outcomes is critical to meeting emerging paradigms in healthcare.
  • How patient data is gathered, utilized and displayed to the patient and what types of tools are available to enhance the patient experience.
  • What you as leaders in Commercial and Operations functions should be thinking about in developing and operationalizing your own patient outcomes-focused strategy.

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About the Speaker
Todd Applebaum, Managing Partner, Converge Consulting

Todd Applebaum has a distinguished track record in business strategy, manufacturing, operations, and supply chain management, working with a spectrum of life science companies across the pharmaceutical, biologics, C&GT, and medical device sectors. Most recently, Mr. Applebaum served as Vice President of Technical Operations at Ovascience, Inc., leading the manufacturing, quality, supply chain, technical services and IT Solutions functions as the company transitioned from research to commercial operations. He played a key role in building the global operations organization and infrastructure, establishing Ovascience’s manufacturing and cell processing network to support commercialization of the company’s innovative fertility treatments.

Before Ovascience, Mr. Applebaum analyzed industry strategies and best practices as Vice President of Research for the healthcare and life science industries at Gartner, Inc. In this role, he provided strategic insights to both industry executives and authored numerous reports. The focus of his research included many critical industry topics, such as building patient outcome-focused operations, impacts of personalized and precision medicines, global planning, and track and trace technologies, in addition to operational and performance excellence.

Mr. Applebaum’s leadership in the industry has continued to grow from his increasing focus into Life Science Operations. While in manufacturing at Deloitte Consulting, he worked with many multinational manufacturers on business process re-engineering and software assessment and selection, as well as best-practice implementation efforts. As a partner with Benchmarking Partners, Mr. Applebaum was part of a team of practitioners who taught a Massachusetts Institute of Technology course for executives and graduate students entitled, “Developing the CEO Team’s Value Chain Network Strategy.” As co-Founder of Maxiom Consulting Group, Mr. Applebaum built and for 11 years led an award-winning management consulting practice focused on the needs of life sciences companies, providing operations strategies, commercialization, launch planning, and operational excellence services.

Mr. Applebaum’s work with manufacturers began in the automotive industry at General Motors and TRW. He holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from General Motors Institute and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Click here for an overview of Converge Consulting.

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