There are a lot of reasons to love WooCommerce as an eCommerce platform, so we compiled a list of our Top 7 reasons why you should consider using WooCommerce for your online shop.

1.) Customization

WooCommerce is one of, if not the most, customizable eCommerce solutions available. WooCommerce is an open source platform that runs on WordPress, another open source platform. Because of this, experienced developers and designers can get into just about every nook and cranny to build very unique eCommerce experiences customized to your business’ needs.

2.) Extensions

There are hundreds of extensions available for WooCommerce, both through their official extensions store and through other third-party developers.  These extensions allow you to do everything from plug and play live shipping rates to create full blown membership and subscription sites.  Extensions can save a lot of development time, which means your site could have very robust functionality for a lot less cost than doing custom development.

The USPS API allows shoppers to view shipping rates.

Connect your MailChimp account to your eCommerce store.

Allows customers to subscribe to your products or services.

Accept PayPal, credit cards and debit cards with a single gateway solution

3.) User Friendly CMS

Having a user-friendly CMS (content management system) is key for keeping your website fresh with content and products. With WordPress as the backbone of WooCommerce, content edits will be a cinch. There are few CMS platforms that rival WordPress’ ease of use, so once your site is up and ready to take orders you’ll be able to manage the content without the help of a developer.

4.) Top Level Support

The WooCommerce Support team is very responsive, and you can usually get an answer to your question or issue pretty quickly via their support ticket system. There is also an extensive documentation library on both the core product and its official extensions.

5.) Strength in Numbers

WooCommerce is the most popular and widely used eCommerce platform with over 3.4 million sites leveraging its capabilities. Out of the top 1 million websites, it holds over 20% of the market share beating out big name competitors such as Magento & Shopify.*

Over 3.4 Million Sites Built with WooCommerce


of market share out of the top 1 million websites

6.) SEO Friendly

Getting people to your shop is half the battle, and while WooCommerce didn’t take the top spot (congratulations Shopify) it ran a close second to an extensive analysis done by** on the best eCommerce platforms for SEO.

Best eCommerce Platforms for SEO According to

7.) Self Hosting & No Costs

WooCommerce is a free plugin. Its competitors (like Shopify & Big Commerce) require some sort of membership fee in order to obtain the plugin and its features. Because it is free and open-source, you can self-host your eCommerce site vs. hosting on the platform itself, as is the case with Shopify & Big Commerce.

No Membership Fee



Looking for help with WooCommerce? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to discuss your eCommerce future with you.

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