Drones have truly taken off in today’s society. People are using drones in so many different ways, it is hard to keep up with. From drone races to drone automation, there is no limit and no foretelling what drones are actually capable of. One thing is for certain thou, drones capture and will continue to capture images and videos like never before. The cinematic art that has become aerial videography and photography produce perspective-altering images that capture the viewer’s imagination.

GraVoc has been an FAA-certified drone provider in the Boston area and throughout New England since 2014. We have captured everything from disaster inspections, real-estate shoots, sporting events, HD videography for marketing efforts and more. We know first hand how diverse drones can be in business. Getting to the right altitude and finding the best angle is what we specialize in. Below we have outlined different drone video ideas for business to show how diverse aerial videography truly is. We also included some of the drone shoots we have been called on to produce to show you the final result.

Drones in Real-Estate

Using drones for real-estate is a great way to show off your property in a unique and interesting way. Drones have shed a new light on real-estate marketing and agents are taking notice. Real-estate agents who use dramatic and compelling drone footage for their marketing have reported higher property listings according to the National Association of Realtors.  We did a drone shoot in Brownfield, Maine for the River’s Edge Cottage in 2015. The beautiful mountain landscape that surrounds River’s Edge Cottage is a feature on its own and is definitely something we wanted to highlight. Our drone produced a high-definition, panoramic view of the surrounding area that would have gone unseen from the average eye-level. Take a look below at the final result. Without using our drone, we would not have been able to showcase the beautiful land as we did.

Disaster inspection

When a disaster strikes, a drone can help prevent the situation from getting any worse. Flying a drone over a disaster riddled area allows for officials to check the extent of the damage.  Once the drone has flown over the entire area and has been assessed and deemed ‘safe’,  recovery and insurance plans can follow. Without drones, these types of inspection shots would make a dangerous situation even worse. In December 2016, we were contacted by Channel 5 WCVB Boston to conduct a disaster inspection on a fire that tore through an apartment complex in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The footage was used to show the extent of the damage that the fire had caused to the building and the surrounding apartments. Another disaster inspection we shot was for a flooded area of downtown Peabody Massachusetts. The aerial shot of the flood provided officials with a clear understanding of the impacted area and a compelling video that could be used to market funding for the area to prevent future floods from happening.

Drones in Sporting 

The overhead shot that drones produce are used in sporting events to get a different perspective of a play or an event. The flexibility of drones allows the operator to manipulate speed, shot angles and height to keep up with athletes.  Coaches use drones in sports for play review and execution as well. Drones are also great for business sporting outings. We shot a golf tournament at AT&T Oak’s Course in TPC San Antonio in 2015. We got great shots of the course itself and the golfers in action.  With our drone, we were able to give viewers a bird’s eye view of every hole that was played during the tournament.

It is important to note that the FAA restricts operators from flying their aircraft in and around major league stadiums starting one hour before and ending one hour after the scheduled time of any major sporting event including Major League Baseball, Major League Football, NCAA Division One Football, Nascar Sprint Cup, Indy Car, and Champ Series races. For more information on drone restrictions for major league stadiums visit the FAA website on airspace restrictions.

Drones in Construction

Drones provide workers with cost-effective options for their construction needs. Drones can assist in building surveys, building inspections, monitoring, before and after progress shots and more.  A major benefit of using drones in construction is employee protection. By replacing workers with drones in dangerous situations, such as an external building inspection, we are eliminating potential risks that the worker may face. Drones are also great for conducting site surveys and tracking progress. They can produce stunning time-lapses that provide owners with a visual history of the project or development.

In June 2016, the FAA finalized rules for drones in business and government use. These new rules were created to harness new innovations safely, spur job growth, advance critical scientific research and save lives. U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx stated, “We are part of a new era in aviation, and the potential for unmanned aircraft will make it safer and easier to do certain jobs, gather information, and deploy disaster relief…”  The new finalized rules are designed to minimize risks to other aircraft, people, and property on the ground. The process of regulating drones such as these new rules are opening pathways towards fully integrating drones into the nation’s airspace.

Drones in Cinematic Marketing

Marketers from all different fields can apply drone imagery to their business to create a cinematic look and feel for their brand. The flexibility of the drone allows the operator to maneuver the camera in any way that he or she wants. This flexibility creates seamless panning shots such as fly-throughs, side-to-side, and bird eye shots that hold the viewers attention. A great example of using drones for cinematic marketing is a recent promotional video for Boston University. We were contacted by the BU marketing team to capture some aerial videography of their campus to use for a marketing video they were producing. In this shoot, we took advantage of the cityscape and maneuvered our drone throughout buildings to create stunning cinematic shots. Check out our drone shots in BU’s final result below. We also took some aerial footage of a local farm located in Peabody, Massachusetts. The open air-space allowed us to showcase the property like never before. Check out that video below as well.

These are just a few drone video ideas that business are using to take advantage of this new art. Although we do not know how far technology will take drones, the images and videos they are producing is something to take notice of. Below we have outlined some other drone video ideas in business to help spark your own ideas of how you can use drone imagery for your business or organization.


More Drone Video Ideas for Business

  • Business outings
  • Buildings
  • Landscapes
  • Schools
  • Monitoring
  • Mapping
  • Commercials
  • Concerts/Festivals
  • Films
  • Weddings/Parties
  • Motor Cars
  • Science Monitoring
  • Journalism
  • Monuments
  • Home Videos
  • Research

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