We recently received an email from Tom Jendrysik, owner of  Shatswell, MacLeod, a provider of outsourced internal audit, regulatory compliance and IT audit services in New England. Tom wrote us a heartfelt message expressing his appreciation not only for the work that we have done for his company, but for the associates that have turned into friends in what was originally a business relationship.

“I’ve built my practice that continues to grow due to providing  “greater than expected” service levels.  Its nice to work with a partner that clearly lives by that same philosophy (so many don’t seem to these days!) and has a team that supports that mission!  Ron and Michael in particular have been outstanding!  I’ve come to regard them as friends, not associates and there is clearly something to be said for that. Sometimes we get a little too caught up in the day to day to really appreciate the good things we have.  I thought it was right to take a moment to reflect on what has been good here!”

Receiving genuine emails like this truly makes the hard work and the long nights all worth it. Being able to create friendships with your customers and partners is an added benefit for exceeding expectations for others. Taking a moment to acknowledge this service is truly appreciated.

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