Microsoft, along with many other security companies, has realized that the threat landscape is drastically evolving as we move more into the future of cybersecurity.  Attackers are becoming much more sophisticated and their malicious attempts at stealing data are constantly changing.

Currently, according to Microsoft’s figures, it takes roughly:

days to recognize that a system has been compromised

days to contain the incident

total compromise cost

Microsoft has designed, integrated, and released a new product into its Windows 10 operating system, called Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.  The product itself helps to identify and correlate attacks to identify trends and continues to help Microsoft’s users be proactive in terms of responding to these threats.  The product will also provide recommendations on how to recover from the attack.  This is a very large step forward in end point protection and malware discovery and trend analysis.

If you have any questions about Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, please contact a GraVoc certified Information Security specialist below:

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