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If you have tried to visit Jeb Bush’s website you’ll notice that you got redirected to DonaldJTrump.com. Many were quick to speculate that Donald Trump was responsible for this prank however, after digging deeper we realized that Trump  had nothing to do with this. As a matter of fact, the Jeb Bush campaign does not even use the domain JebBush.com, they are using Jeb2016.com for their official website.

In performing a domain record search it appears as thou the domain was purchased in 1997 from the domain provider Fabulous.com and is set to expire November 18th, 2024. Donald Trump nor Jeb Bush have control over this domain. According to the Wall Street Journal, the domain was purchased for $250,000 when Jeb Bush first became governor of Florida. The domain owner is unknown as he or she is using a privacy service to keep themselves unlisted. Because of this privacy service, nobody knows who owns JebBush.com

This redirect has been happening for the past 2 months. The prank was called out on Twitter and a few publications picked up the story and turned it into headline news. Although there was a lot of misconceptions with JebBush.com as to who owned the domain, a good lesson can be learned from this in making sure that your domain name remains in your control. Stay up-to-date with your domain’s expiration date and make sure all debts are paid prior to expiration. This will prevent your website from becoming hacked and purchased. Once the domain is out of your control, you may have to fork up some serious cash to get it back into your control!

If you are having domain problems, contact a GraVoc Information Security specialist and we can help you out!

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