Part of GraVoc’s media team recently attended the 2015 Future Insights: Web Application Conference in Boston.  This conference was a  two-day interactive learning event for enterprise developers to best synthesize data-driven apps and IOT into their businesses. GraVoc developer’s Matt Molk and Eleni Maistrellis attended the conference to advance their skills in this ever growing field of real-time data and the Internet of Things. Check out some highlights and photos from the event below.

  • Explored the emerging future of wearable tech and how your company can implement these tools to get ahead.
  • Presentations on how to solve problems using real-time data.
  • A mini hands-on workshop with Microsoft’s Technology Evangelist Stacey Mulcahy which leveraged JavaScript skills in order to explore hardware libraries and frameworks such as Spacebrew, Johnny-five, Cylon.js.
  • Peter Semmelhack from Bug Labs spoke on Social Machines and how to develop connected products that changes customers lives.
  • Jenny Tong from Google explored Open Data on the Cloud with BigQuery.
  • Willliam Hoang from Couchbase discussed the implementation story of creating offline and online applications on mobile.
  • Rian Van Der Merwe from Jive presented ‘Surving the Perfect Enterprise Storm’ which discussed designing real-time data applications in complex organizations.

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GraVoc to Present at DynamicsCon 2021

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