Today, July 29th, 2015, Microsoft launched Windows 10 with global celebrations. The celebration consisted of the participation of thousands of retailers including Microsoft stores, a new advertising campaign and a year long initiative to celebrate people and organizations who are making a difference around the world.

For the first time Microsoft is offering the new Windows 10 as a free upgrade. The new upgrade delivers a fast experience that is more secure and automatically up-to-date. Windows 10 will also feature new innovations such as cortana, Microsoft Edge and Xbox integration.

110 Microsoft store locations celebrated the event including, The Prudential Center in Boston, The Burlington Mall and the Natick Mall. Celebrations featured Windows 10 demos, prize giveaways and more. They also hosted in-store workshops that will helps people learn how to get the most out of Windows 10 that will be continuing throughout the weeks.

GraVoc tested out the new operating system, and here are our top 5 features!

The New Start Window 

The new start menu incorporates what was known to be the home screen in Windows 8 and the classic start menu that everyone is used to from Windows 7. You can launch desktop styled programs like Microsoft Office in the same place as all of your full screen applications. Microsoft even incorporated the live updating tiles into the menu so you can easily keep up to date with your notifications. Microsoft was able to take everything that was good about the Windows 8 start screen and combine it into a simple and easy to use menu that everyone already knows how to use.


Cortana is your new personal assistant. Cortana can be compared to Google Voice and Apple’s Siri. Cortana is your PC’s built in search engine that collects data from your local machine and also grabs live data from the Web giving you the most accurate results whether your searching for a file or trying to find out the score to last nights Baseball game.  Cortana also grabs data from your calendar and tasks and keeps you up to date with reminders.


Windows 10 is the first operating system delivered by Microsoft without having the default web browser as Internet Explorer. Edge integrates all the new features that come with windows 10 such as touch compatibility and Cortana voice control. Edge browser brings the internet to life by allowing the user to interact with each web page by either drawing right on the screen or annotating whatever content you find. Edge will set the standards for the new world wide web and force many companies to update their technology to keep up with all the new features it brings.


Today everybody is used to unlocking their device with a simple pass code or swipe pattern. Microsoft introduces their new Hello feature to the Windows 10 lock screen that allows you to unlock your device with facial recognition through your PCs webcam. The Facial recognize works through camera systems and infrared hardware and the second you appear through the lens Windows will unlock your device.

One Experience, Many Devices

Microsoft was a little late to the party when it came to releasing operating systems for mobile devices like phones and tablets.. However with Windows 10 they may have set the standards for other companies to follow. Windows 10 is one operating system that works on every type of device; phone, tablet, and PC. Along with their well known One Drive this will make it extremely easy for users to keep their data in sync on all of their devices.

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