In 2014, GraVoc CEO David Gravel & CRM Specialist, Steve Rizzo, gave a speech for the Family Business Association at Spiniellis on Rt. 1. They talked about what it’s like owning a family business and what’s it’s like working with family members and friends.  David Gravel explains how GraVoc came to be a family business. He mentions seven of his family members who are currently employed at GraVoc, Brian, Nate, Cathy, Connie, David, Eric and Dan. All of whom have came to the business on their own. Steve Rizzo, who has been a family friend of the Gravels for years now, talks about his expiernce at GraVoc. He mentioned how prior working to GraVoc he worked for a company that had over 1,000+ employees. He noted how coming from a company with over 1,000 employees to a company with under 50 employees was a major change, in all the right ways. He felt as thou his opinion at GraVoc actually matters and that they are willing to listen and learn from what he has to say.   As we grow from 25 employees to 30 employees, we couldn’t have done so without the help of our family and friends who continue to contribute to GraVoc’s success.


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GraVoc Knows Staffing Technology

GraVoc Knows Staffing Technology

GraVoc is an ERP technology specialist for the staffing industry! See how our Bullhorn One Connectors provide real-time synchronization between the Bullhorn ATS and ERP.

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