Nate Gravel and Jackson Schultz of GraVoc’s Information Security Practice will be speaking this afternoon at the 2015 Payments Management Conference at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel and Conference Center. The conference, organized by the New England Automated Clearing House (NEACH), focuses on three aspects of payment management: operations, risk management and compliance, and future opportunities within the payments space. GraVoc will close out the conference with a presentation on cybersecurity and related topics. The presentation will cover recent events and regulatory developments, cybersecurity trends and emerging threats, and countermeasures and security best practices.

If you are interested in learning more about cybersecurity and the topics discussed in GraVoc’s presentation, please reach out to our Information Security team at


Risk exists in every financial institution; regardless of its size, the complexity of payment services they offer or location. Regulatory, compliance, and reputation risk are in the spotlight as the payments environment continues to change rapidly. Managing and mitigating those risks—however big or small—is a critical factor to every organization’s overall success, and improper mitigation can contribute to an organization’s downfall.  Risk management and compliance programs are becoming more complex as existing payment systems evolve and emerging payment trends take hold. The sessions in the Risk and Compliance track will aid in helping your institution identify, manage, and mitigate the many forms of risk and threats that you face today in your quest to reach your goal of a safer tomorrow.

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