In today’s society, video has become a driving force behind commerce. Social media outlets such as YouTube and Vine have made for creative ways to advertise their company or brand. It’s no secret that people are more likely  to watch a video as opposed to reading text. These viewers are also more likely to purchase from a company that puts the effort into creating a video that helps explain their product or services.


Google’s Panda Algorithmpanda

Google recently made changes to their ranking algorithm. The update aimed to lower the rank of websites with low quality content and to raise the rankings of those websites with higher quality content.  This change affected the rankings of almost 12% of all search results.

So what exactly is Google looking for in a website? Google’s algorithm favors websites that engages visitors for a longer period of time. This means that the longer your visitors are staying on your website, the higher your rankings will be on Google because you have a ‘high quality content’ website. The overall aim is to lower your bounce rate. In one of our previous post, we showed you how to create a ‘sticky’ website for your vistors by engaging them more which included video. This post will go into more detail about the video aspect of engaging visitors more.

Video Tools From Google & YouTube

YouTube and Google work together to help increase search engine rankings.  With millions of videos on the web, getting your video thru the clutter can sometimes be hard.  However, Google and YouTube have added tools to help people get their videos found and to help people find the videos they are looking for.

1.) Add Keywords- Adding keywords to your video is the main way people will find your videos. Google needs to be told what the video is about.  Google reads keywords to discover what the content of your video is about, which is why it is imperative that you mark your videos with strong keywords that help to explain what your video is talking about.

2.) Add a Script- Google cannot watch your video and decide what it is about. This is why they added the Transcribe feature. By transcribing your video word for word, Google will be able to pick out keywords from your transcript which will  increase your chances of ranking high on search engines.

Increasing Search Engine Rankings on Your Own.

1.) Title- Make sure you have an attention grabbing video title that explains what your video is about. Try adding a keyword to your title to help search engines find you better.

2.) Share Your Content- A good practice in getting your video out in the open. The more times your link is out on the web, the higher your search engine rankings will be. Share your link on all of your social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Another good practice is adding video to your blog which will help visitors stick on your website longer.



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