Who would have thought Technology and Pizza would make a great combination. Dominos has become noticeably good at something that is not their primary focus. While Dominos prime goal is to sell pizza, their means of doing so have become greater than the actual pizza itself. When Dominos rolled out their online order tracking and order form, sale numbers began to gradually increase. Last quarter Dominos hit a record high in their stocks while other competitors such as Papa John’s and Pizza Hut have stayed the same.

Domino’s newest ordering technology comes from the root of Apple’s Siri. Meet Dom. Dom is Domino’s new personal pizza assistant. By the end of this past September, more than 200,000 orders were placed using the Domino app having Dom as their personal server.

Domino’s technology is driving their business past it’s competitors.  While Papa John’s and Pizza Hut are focused solely on the product, Domino’s is focusing on the engagement and delivery of their product to boost sales. This technique has worked miracles for Dominos. If you recall back in 2009 a video prank surfaced of a Domino employee breaking health-code standards by putting cheese up his nose and sneezing over food. This ultimately sent Domino’s into a PR crisis as they tried to save their brand. The emphasis on technological innovation helped Domino’s generate 40 percent of U.S. sales from digital channels in 2013, as well as reach an estimated $3 billion annually in global sales.

So what’s next for Domino’s?  The pizza giant is currently in works with Microsoft to add a feature to Xbox One were gamers will be allowed to order pizza straight from their video game console. They have also integrated the Dominos app into certain Ford cars which will allow drivers to order pizza from their cars.  Dominos is quickly becoming an innovator for advertising technology. They are creatively making ordering a pizza fun and relevant.  Keep an eye out for Domino’s strategies as they continue to be a game changer in the advertising world.

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