In a recently published whitepaper titled Top 10 Unpredictable IT Costs for Legal Firms (and how to avoid them) by IT Farm I learned some interesting facts about the state of IT in legal practices in the UK. They may be across the pond but it’s no different there than it is here in the US.  I noted one theme in particular develop. Of the top ten, four are directly related to information/data security. They are:

#1. Security

#5. Data Protection and Compliance

#6. Audits

#10. Systems and Data Security

One might even argue that #2 Managing BYOD and Mobile Devices, and #8 Business Continuity also fall under the umbrella of information and/or data security.

Through our Information Security and Information Technology practices we see first-hand that IT network and data security are among the most under-addressed problems in all businesses today but particularly in the legal profession. Many take the approach of ‘If I don’t know about it, it doesn’t exist’ (kind of like if I don’t go to the doctor I’m not sick).  That’s well and good until a data breach causes sensitive client information to be pulled off your network. What then?

This isn’t just our opinion mind you. Matt Kesner, CIO of Fenwick & West LLP in an article on the American Bar Association web site said “the [hacking] country doesn’t waste its “A” squads on law firms because their security is so dreadful. The rookies on the “C” squads are good enough to penetrate most law firms.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. We often find that simple, incremental, and cost-effective changes can be made to protect not only the information but the reputation and assets of the firm itself. Important right?
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