Over the past several years, it seems that Microsoft has been a unsure on how to utilize the partner account manager (PAM) role with its Dynamics ERP and CRM partners.  Oftentimes, Microsoft has a set of goals and objectives for its Dynamics partner channel, and each partner in the channel, representing the software giant and its suite of products, has their own individual goals, and the goals of each partner may not always be the same as the goals of Microsoft.  The PAM (and later, TPAM, the tele-partner account manager role) was faced with the challenge of striking a balance between these two sets of goals.  They were brought aboard to assist in sales when needed, and to strengthen the parties’ partnerships to ensure the well-being and growth of Microsoft and its partners.

It was announced in September that Microsoft was going to do away with the PAM role within the United States.  Some partners grumbled about how this was going to be another move by Microsoft to de-emphasize the importance of its partners as it moved toward focusing on the cloud for its Dynamics suite.  Other partners were largely indifferent about the move, as their experience with PAMs seemed to help one party (Microsoft) moreso than the other (the partner).

It seems that Microsoft has decided to change their minds.  Over the past few weeks, we as a Dynamics partner have been contacted by a new TPAM (Tele Partner Manager), who was eager to introduce herself to us and spend much of her Friday morning with our representatives.  It is currently too early to tell, at least from our perspective, what this is going to mean in the long term.  However, we are hopeful that Microsoft and our TPAM will have the same energy getting to know our business, how their products fit into our business’s goals, and how to help us all benefit by our long-standing partnership.

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