GraVoc Associates’ information security team will be presenting at the Warren Group’s BankWorld Expo on Friday morning, January 17, 2014.

Delivered by Director of Information Security Nate Gravel and senior associate Mike Kannan, the 11:30 AM seminar will address several commonly-held myths about the security of corporate websites, particularly those maintained by the financial institutions attending the event at Foxwoods MGM Grand Resort.   Nate and Mike will include demonstrations that exhibit how quickly a hacker can use commonly-available tools to deface or otherwise compromise the security of your website.  They will also provide insight on how to defend your website against such attacks, maintain a secure corporate image, and protect the confidentiality of your customers’ information.

Attending BankWorld and exhibiting at the trade show for the third consecutive year, GraVoc is proud to be a gold sponsor of Friday’s event that attracts attendees throughout the Northeast.  Nate and Mike are happy to present again after last year’s demonstration of hacking a wireless network that simultaneously wowed and terrified the crowd.  If you are attending BankWorld, we hope you stop by the seminar and GraVoc’s booth.

For more information about the schedule at BankWorld, please visit BankWorld’s website.

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