This blog post was written by Daniel Johnson, a Senior Associate of Business Development at GraVoc. 

So you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having missed the chance to get the Microsoft Dynamics GP Starter-Pack for $3,000. Yes, it was a pretty incredible offer and I helped several companies switch off their old Quickbooks, Peachtree, Sage, and Netsuite systems to something, well, a little more dynamic.  I’d like to think it was due to our fantastic sales and marketing efforts but really, when you look at what you get with the Dynamics GP Starter Pack (listing below) versus what you get in those other solutions, the decision was easy for my customers to make.

So the question is, what do you do now that you’ve missed this amazing promotion? That’s an easy one too. You go ahead with your decision and buy it anyway. ‘Sure Dan, easy for you to say. It’s not your money’. OK, I get that, but the way I’m looking at it is that for only $5,000 you get an enormous amount of business computing power (did I mention the listing below?) with one of the most popular and reliable accounting and financial management systems in the world. Whether you’re in Distribution, Professional Services, Technology, Property Management, a Non-Profit, you name it, Microsoft Dynamics GP is going to have what it takes to manage your business.

To illustrate this point I went back and pulled a price list from a proposal I did for a medium sized Healthcare company back in 2005.


The total on software alone comes to $47,950 and this doesn’t even include all of the modules you now get in the Starter Pack! And believe me a lot of companies bought Dynamics GP at this price.  So when I say go ahead with your project I’m basing that solely on the fact that in 8 short years the price of one of the most powerful business software applications on the market has decreased in price over 95%.

So if you find yourself in the situation of wanting to upgrade that clunky old MAS 90 software you bought back in the 90’s and want to get on board with the latest in business process, intelligence, and technical innovation contact GraVoc Associates today at (978) 538-9055 or We will help you with a full analysis of what the best solution is for your business and provide you with a complete picture of the time and cost associated with your conversion.    

The Starter Pack (including 3 user licenses) includes:


Financial Management, General Ledger with AFA, Account Level Security, Cash Flow Management, Fixed Asset Management, Intercompany, National Accounts, Multicurrency Management, Analytical Accounting, Revenue/Expense Deferrals, Bank Reconciliation, Electronic Banking Suite, Safe Pay, Cashbook Bank Management, Electronic Bank Management, Electronic Reconciliation Management, Payables Management, Receivables Management, Customer/Vendor Consolidations, Lockbox Processing, Refund Checks, Grant Management, Encumbrance Management, Field Level Security, Process Server, Languages, Multiple Language Pricing


Business Intelligence & Reporting, Unlimited Management Reporter Designer User, Unlimited Management Reporter Viewer User, Analysis Cubes Library, Advanced Analysis Cubes Library

Human Resources:

Human Resource Management, Human Resources Unlimited Employees, Payroll Unlimited Employees, Payroll Direct Deposit, Federal Magnetic Media, Payroll Connect, Position Control, Time and Expense, Human Resource Management, HRM Self Service Suite, Workspace Collaboration, Unlimited Business Portal, Employee Self Service User

Supply Chain:

Supply Chain Management, Invoicing, Sales Order Processing w/ Advanced Invoicing, Extended Pricing, Order Management, Inventory Control, Bill of Materials, Purchase Order Processing & Receiving, Landed Cost, Purchase Order Generator, Requisition Management, Time and Expense


Configuration and Development license, Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications, Customization Site License, Integration Manager – Conversions, Connector for Microsoft Dynamics

Workspace Collaboration:

Unlimited Business Portal

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