As an addition to GraVoc Media’s increasing portfolio of eCommerce websites, GraVoc Media announces the launch of a new website for Sterling Kane. Sterling Kane, a family owned luxury leather company, produces top of the line leather accessories specifically designed for work and global adventure. Passed down from generation to generation, the Mendal family’s specialized practice of luxury leather making places them among the world’s premier leather artisans. The items produced from their practice are of the finest leathers, and are built to endure generations, just as their legacy has.

GraVoc Media worked with Sterling Kane to design them an eCommerce site to display and sell their leather goods. The site GraVoc Media built for them has a very clean look and feel, and includes an easy and efficient way of buying and selling goods for both customers and Sterling Kane. Customers can shop through items, looking at images and product details. They can then add the items they like into their shopping cart, and purchase them through a secure payment process. Check out the design and functionality of Sterling Kane’s eCommerce website at

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