Gravoc Associates is proud to announce the premiere of the short film “Standing Up,” starring Randy Marquis, Ted Arcidi, and Sonya Joyner, and directed by Daniel Gorham and GraVoc’s Director of Media Production, Brian Gravel.   It will debut at the AMC Loews Boston Common Theater as part of the Boston International Film Festival on Monday, April 15th at 8:30pm.  GraVoc and it’s owners Dave Gravel & Cathy Gravel helped support the production of the film which was shot in 2006.  After several revisions and a long hiatus from editing the film was “festival ready” in 2012 and accepted into the Boston International Film Festival for it’s 2013 screenings.  Several of the film’s actors, crew as well as the co-directors Brian Gravel & Dan Gorham will be attending the premiere.

“Standing Up” is the universally relatable story about overcoming a fear of public speaking, set in the backdrop of the now-resurging Boston comedy scene.  Desperate to try stand-up comedy in Boston, a young man plagued with stage fright decides it’s time to conquer doubt and stop his greatest fear from stifling his dream.  His decision and ultimate debut send him on a journey toward his enlightening realization.

 Written by Boston area native Dan Gorham, a fledgling stand-up comedian himself, “Standing Up” is a story about facing the fear of public speaking and rising to the challenge in the Boston comedy scene.  He wrote it as a fictional reflection of his own experiences and the script won the Third Prize at the Las Vegas Short Script Awards.

“Standing Up” features all Boston-area locations, including the iconic and now-defunct Faneuil Hall Comedy Connection, and stars all Boston-area actors, including Ted Arcidi, whose credits include The Town, The Fighter, 30 Rock, and the upcoming Luc Besson film Malevita, starring Robert DeNiro and Tommy Lee Jones.  “Standing Up” was shot several years ago before Ted rose to prominence in these international films.

“Standing Up” will be screened at Session 18 of the Boston International Film Festival, before “Sweet Talk” by Terri Hanauer.  Tickets are available through

 The trailer can be found at the “Standing Up” website:

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