In light of several mergers & acquisitions in the local financial services industry within the last few months, we would like to bring up one of our older white papers on the topic, as we feel this topic has traction. Even the smoothest mergers & acquisitions can be stressful for businesses, and the additional considerations of security during a merger add to the strain. In the 2010 whitepaper, GraVoc aims to assist organizations in formulating security initiatives to ease the M&A process.

GraVoc’s white paper “Information Security during Mergers and Acquisitions” identifies commonly overlooked aspects of information security during a merger or acquisition in an effort to guide management’s conceptualization and prioritization of security initiatives throughout the M&A process. It explains the importance of information security in the scope of due diligence process and addresses the specific challenges resulting from the convergence of two entities. This white paper, along with all of GraVoc’s white papers, is available for download at

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