GraVoc employees and their families gathered at Burtons Grill in Peabody on Sunday for the annual GraVoc holiday party. The event offered co-workers an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company outside of the office and to celebrate the end of a successful year.

Following a delicious dinner, CEO Dave Gravel addressed the crowd, attributing the growth of the company from two employees in 1993 to twenty today to their hard work and dedication to the company. Dave reiterated his hope that GraVoc is “something greater than just another place to work.” He noted not only the achievements of the business, but also the personal causes for celebration throughout the year: wedding engagements, graduations, the births of children and grandchildren, and announcements of babies on the way. On behalf of himself and his wife Cathy, Dave thanked everyone for sharing their time and their lives with them and offered his hopes for another great year in 2012.