The information security practice at GraVoc Associates, Inc., has released a new white paper this week. Understanding the Fax Five Reasons to Think Twice about Using the Fax Machine” explores the security threats associated with using fax machines, including wiretapping, physical security, and improper disposal. The paper reveals how confidential and sensitive information is put at risk due to fax machine usage. This white paper, along with other white papers from our information security team, can be located on our website: As always, we appreciate feedback from our readers. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on this blog post and start the discussion.

GraVoc Associates, Inc. is committed to providing solutions to customers with the use of technology through its practices of information technology & professional services, media production, information systems, and information security.  Our information security practice provides IT assurance, consulting, and audit solutions that will help businesses secure confidential data from malicious parties both from the outside and the inside.  For more information regarding GraVoc’s services, please visit

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