The entire staff of GraVoc Associates, Inc. met on Tuesday at the Peabody Marriott to review the past year in business and to generate goals for 2011. President/CEO David Gravel kicked off the meeting by addressing what he saw as the key drivers of the company’s success in 2010, which presented new opportunities to do more extensive work with emerging technologies. The firm’s objectives for 2011 focus around continued investment in employee training, certification and professional development to provide the most valuable services and resources possible for GraVoc’s customers.

After Gravel’s opening remarks, the directors of each practice shared their plans and goals for 2011. Director of Information Security Nathaniel Gravel described his goals of using media outlets such as the company website, SharePoint, and whitepapers to increase interaction, communication, and knowledge transfer with customers. While the Information Security practice has primarily worked with banks and credit unions, he plans for continued expansion into industries other than financial services.

Director of Information Technology Ron Smoller emphasized his practice’s need to stay current with an ever-evolving line of products and applications, especially with universal acceptance of virtualization. He underlined the importance of certifications and training, and the need to keep customers aware of the newest technologies available.

Jason Vlacich, GraVoc’s Director of Information Systems, and Michael Roma, Director of Software Development, also focused their discussions on advancing GraVoc’s internal development to best support staff and provide customers with valuable information and communication. Both Roma and Vlacich agreed that continuing to develop the skills of GraVoc’s staff would benefit both the company and its clients enormously as the firm devotes more of its energy into solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft SharePoint. Roma also concluded that adding another member to GraVoc’s Software Development team would provide additional support to the company.

Director of Media & Web Brian Gravel cited a successful year for the DivergingSoul media production division. Gravel anticipates that 2011 will bring exciting developments for GraVoc’s Media Production practice as it looks to add mobile technology capabilities to its repertoire, attend additional conferences and seminars, and refine the practice’s current web and media skills in social media, marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and web security.

GraVoc strives to give back to the surrounding community though fundraising and volunteer activities, and so a portion of the meeting outlined GraVoc’s upcoming community involvement, including volunteering at the Peabody Education Council Spelling Bee on February 10th. The afternoon’s activities concluded with a Yankee Swap featuring gift cards, clothing, and other products purchased from customers.

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