Earlier this week, the GraVoc News Blog documented the challenges that make it difficult to gauge the price of implementing an ERP solution. The previous post was based off of an informative whitepaper available here.

Many of the challenges illustrate why GraVoc may be the best company to implement an ERP solution for your business, both in terms of receiving top-quality products and consulting services, but also in terms of avoiding unnecessary costs.

The diversity of the services offered by GraVoc is clearly an asset when it comes to ERP projects, as an ERP client only needs to work with one firm for a great deal of these services. GraVoc’s professionals have several years’ experience implementing the right ERP solution that meets a client’s needs. GraVoc also offers blocks of pre-paid hours at a lower rate for implementation services, project management capacities, training, and later support.

GraVoc’s ERP clients don’t need to go elsewhere if they need specific integration with other programs, as GraVoc has developed a large handful of custom utilities linking ERP products to other applications. The GraVoc Software website will illustrate that GraVoc’s programmers have a prolific history in enhancing the functionality of ERP solutions.

What may differentiate GraVoc the most, however, is the firm’s hardware and technological infrastructure services. GraVoc handles technological infrastructure design and hardware procurement for several commercial clients as well as banks and credit unions, where the integrity and the security of data is an urgent priority.

A way to cut down on the costs associated with implementing an ERP solution is through vertical integration. By engaging GraVoc, your project manager, your trainer, and, perhaps most importantly, your technology consultant will already be very familiar with your company’s processes because they are the very same people who are implementing the solution. This would cut down on miscommunication, possible errors, and lost time. Cutting down on lost time is another way to reduce costs on what is already a daunting project.

GraVoc Associates, Inc, based in Peabody, MA, is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner specializing in the practices of information systems, professional and technology services, and information security. GraVoc is celebrating fifteen years of business serving Greater Boston, New England, and beyond in this wide range of consulting services. For more information regarding how GraVoc can help your business achieve its goals in operational efficiency, please visit www.gravoc.com or www.gravocsoftware.com.

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