Peabody, MA-based GraVoc Associates, Inc. has teamed up with Bedford, MA-based NetClarity as part of their continuing dedication to proving the best information security solutions to their clients.  NetClarity’s NACWall takes network access control to a new level.

The innovative NACWall product provides an unprecedented layer of security to your network that firewalls, anti-virus software, and the like do not protect against.  In one piece of hardware, the NACWall has the abilities to secure your network in a way that has never previously been possible with one machine, thereby reducing your cost of compliance auditing.

The NACWall:

  • Continuously scans your networks for CVEs (“Vulnerabilities” or “Holes”) and reports each hole for prompt rectification.
  • Monitors your network for unauthorized devices, such as laptops, wireless devices, or PDAs, and blocks unauthorized devices if desired.
  • Runs reports that can prove your compliance to regulations, such as GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the new Massachusetts General Law (MGL) 93H.
  • Is an agent-free, non-invasive solution.

NetClarity prides themselves on their innovative NACWall product and its ability to protect, speed up, and lengthen the life of your company’s tremendous IT investment.  Their solutions have been heralded as some of the best in the business, as they have accomplished the following accolades:

  • CRN Test Center Product of the Year.
  • “One of the top three most innovative network security companies in the world” according to the RSA Conference Innovation Showdown.
  • SC Magazine’s perfect 5-star rating and “Best Buy” certification.
  • 2009 SC Magazine Award Finalist.

GraVoc Associates’ trusted information technology and information security professionals are in the process of being trained to implement and support this versatile piece of hardware.  GraVoc, an IT and information security consulting firm celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, is proud to team up with NetClarity.  GraVoc feels that the NACWall product perfectly aligns itself with the company’s commitment to providing clients with long-lasting solutions that boost the security of their IT infrastructure.

Information security customers in the Greater Boston area and throughout New England and the Northeast can now use the NACWall and GraVoc’s services in tandem to cement their confidence in their network, improve their regulatory compliance, and increase their profitability.