Solmetex is a global leader in the Amalgam Separation industry having created the Hg5 Amalgam Separator. They have been proven around the world in helping dental practices achieve compliance in mercury removal. GraVoc recently created their new website along with fully integrating their front end website/portals to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

This website is an example of how we can integrate internal architecture with externally facing websites/portals. Solmetex is able to manage their data in Dynamics CRM 2015 but also make it available to their end users and allow them to interact with this data. Besides retrieving data, end users actions are also sent back and logged into CRM.

Solmetex is utilizing Dynamics CRM 2015 to track their end user’s recycling activity of amalgam separators. When the recycle process has been properly executed and confirmed, the Dental Office is issued a Certificate of Recycle in CRM that they can view and print from a secured portal.

Along with this integration, GraVoc also assisted with the rebranding of Solmetex to help change the look and feel of the company as a whole. By working with Solmetex and by adding in our own influences to the website, we were able to create a modern and clean new website that is sure to stand out in this specfic field.