Obsidian Global, an IT Services, Cloud Integrator, and App Development company, specializes in developing complex solutions strategies for both commercial and US Federal clients. Founded just this year in 2013, Obsidian Global is already positioned for accelerated growth.

Our team at GraVoc Media designed Obsidian’s inaugural logo in order to brand their new company.  We also designed and built Obsidian a new website to showcase their services. The inspiration for their logo design came from the origin of the name ‘Obisidian,’ which refers to a naturally occurring volcanic glass, whose fragments have very sharp edges.

Our team worked with Obsidian to take the design elements of the logo, and carry them through the full design of their new WordPress website. The resulting website is visually strong, clean, and sharp. Aside from the visual aspects, the WordPress functionality will allow Obsidian to easily manage and update just about every part of the site.

Visit Obsidian Global at www.obsidiang.com, and take a look at their new logo and  website design!