Energi, a leading provider of risk management and insurance solutions for the Energy Industry, recently held an “Oil & Gas Drilling Symposium” to educate reinsurers about the hydraulic fracturing and drilling process. Through the symposium, Energi aimed to provide the reinsurance industry with “a better understanding of the best practices that are currently in place within the oil and gas exploration industry.” The event, which was held in Boston, attracted reinsurers from both the United States and Europe.

To help spread the word about the symposium, we built Energi a website specifically for the event. A key feature of the symposium website was to provide a simple and easily accessible registration process for invited reinsurers. It also served as a place for attendees to visit to keep up to date with any information regarding the event. Take a look at Energi’s Oil & Gas Drilling Symposium website at www.energi.com/energy!

In addition to the website, which was key before the event, we also built an app for attendees to use during and after the event. Read about the app here, or visit it for yourself at www.energi.com/app.

We want to congratulate Energi on another successful educational event!

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