ISO 27001 compliance for enterprise technology solutions provider.

about our client.

Our client is a Massachusetts-based provider of integrated communication, security, and connectivity technology solutions for companies across industries.

Industry: Technology/Telecommunications

Employees: 160 +

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The Challenge

Our client wanted to achieve an information security certification to demonstrate to prospective customers that the company follows industry-leading data protection measures.

The Solution

The client leveraged GraVoc’s certification gap assessment and readiness services to achieve compliance with ISO 27001 – a globally recognized information security framework. Our team evaluated the client’s security programs to identify and remediate areas of non-compliance with ISO 27001.

Certification Gap Assessment

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ISO 27001 Certification Audit Preparation

The Outcome

With GraVoc’s assistance, the client achieved ISO 27001 certification, helping the company gain a competitive edge in the market and build customer trust.

the challenge: demonstrate security compliance to attract customers.

As a provider of enterprise technologies and managed services, our client recognized a need to validate and showcase their information security compliance. The growing global emphasis on data protection and privacy meant customers wanted prospective partners and vendors to demonstrate a strong security posture. Further, to do business with companies in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and banking, a recognized security certification is a major point of entry.

So, our client wanted to achieve a cybersecurity certification to gain a competitive edge and reach more customers. The certification would prove to prospective customers that our client has the proper security policies and controls in place to safeguard sensitive data.

the solution: achieve globally recognized ISO 27001 certification

ISO 27001 defines an Information Security Management System (ISMS) to ensure adequate data security and risk management at all levels of an organization. The certification is recognized across domestic and international markets. It can also serve as the foundation for businesses to achieve compliance with other security standards.

Our client would be able to leverage this comprehensive and globally recognized certification to assure customers across markets that their technologies and managed services program align with leading cybersecurity best practices. With this in mind, they decided to pursue ISO 27001 compliance.

To keep pace with a tight internal deadline, the client needed an experienced partner to help navigate and accelerate the entire ISO 27001 certification process. As a longstanding GraVoc partner, the client came to us because they were familiar with our expertise in this area.

GraVoc ISO 27001 services
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ISO 27001 Certification Process

Our team kicked off this project with a certification gap assessment to identify areas of non-compliance with ISO 27001. The review process included extensive interviews with key personnel and process owners within the company as well as an in-depth evaluation of existing security controls, procedures, and policies.

ISO 27001 follows a PDCA (plan, do, check, act) methodology for information security in which documentation of policies and procedures is essential to ensure continual improvement. Through the gap assessment, we discovered that our client maintained a reasonable IT and information security program in practice but needed help documenting the standard and repeatable processes necessary for a true ISMS.

In preparation for the formal certification audit, we worked closely with our client to remediate these gaps in compliance with ISO 27001.

This involved:

  • Defining roles and responsibilities within the ISO 27001 ISMS.
  • Designing appropriate standards and controls to implement in alignment with ISO 27001 as well as measuring compliance with these standards.

the outcome: ISO 27001 compliance enhances business opportunities.

With guidance from our experienced team, the client successfully achieved the ISO 27001 certification – helping them demonstrate to new and existing customers that the company follows high-level data security and risk management measures.

Our team was hands-on throughout the certification process – from gap assessment to audit preparation. At every step, we maintained consistent communication with the client and helped them implement well-designed security measures to ensure their readiness for ISO 27001 compliance.

Compliance with the industry-leading ISO 27001 is a testament to our client’s commitment to cybersecurity. This new certification also opens the door to more business opport

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