​Omni Services: iOS App Development for Streamlined Inventory Management.

about our client.

Founded over 40 years ago, Omni Services is the Northeast’s leading hose and accessories distributor with retail service stores across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Delaware, and Canada.

Industry: Distribution
Number of employees: 100+

At a Glance


The Challenge

Omni Services approached us to rebuild and configure their mobile app to seamlessly interact with their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Epicor Prophet 21.


The Solution

Our team revamped the Omni Services app and developed new functionality that allows for seamless data transfer from the mobile app to the company’s ERP system.


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The Outcome

Omni Services now has a fully functional and user-friendly iOS app that helps improve efficiency in managing inventory in their ERP system.

the challenge: inefficiencies in inventory management.

Omni Services had a previously built hand-held order entry (HHOE) app to help warehouse workers streamline inventory management. But the app was not built to interface with the company’s Epicor Prophet 21 ERP software, which created process inefficiencies in managing data sharing between both platforms.

So, Omni Services came to us for mobile app development. They needed an iOS app that was similar to their HHOE app but could deliver more robust functionality.

Here are some of the app features Omni Services needed:

  • Ability to scan a barcode.
  • Capture order information, including customer ID, item code, and quantity.
  • Transfer order data from the mobile app to the ERP.
  • Receive confirmation that the order data has been successfully imported to the ERP.

the solution: agile iOS app development. 

Using the industry-leading React Native development platform, our team designed a responsive, scalable, and user-friendly iOS mobile app for Omni Services that can speak to their ERP and simplify inventory management. We followed a fast-paced Agile development approach, continuously building and reviewing the app’s features in a few short sprints.

Once the app was developed, our team created all code submissions and approval packages to get the Omni Services mobile app listed on the Apple App Store. The app is now available for download.

Here are key features of Omni Services’ new iOS mobile app:

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The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod touch, and Apple Vision.


Advanced barcode scanning technology and an easy-to-use interface elevate the user experience and operational efficiency.

The iOS app intelligently suggests frequently used items based on the user’s order creation history, significantly reducing time and effort associated with entering repeat or similar orders.

All order data is put into files that are securely imported into the ERP system for streamlined inventory management.


the outcome: iOS app enables efficient inventory management in ERP system.

Omni Services now has a thoughtfully redesigned iOS mobile app that enables more automation when transferring data between the HHOE and the ERP system. The app design is intuitive and responsive across iOS devices with intelligent features that help users save time.

Using the mobile app, users can create orders for customers by scanning barcodes without requiring network connectivity and later export them to their ERP system when network connection is reestablished. This revamped, feature-rich HHOE mobile app is an enhanced tool that helps Omni Services improve efficiency in inventory management.

Along with being easy to use, the app is also scalable, giving Omni Services the flexibility to add new features as they expand operations. Today, we continue to provide Omni Services with ad hoc support to maintain and manage the iOS app.

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