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The Actuarial Foundation is a philanthropic organization that partners with actuaries to provide math education and financial literacy programs to students. Their literacy programs and resources are designed to engage students with real-world situations to improve their math skills and their confidence. 

Industry: Nonprofit/Education

Location: Schaumburg, IL

At a Glance


The Challenge

The Actuarial Foundation offers a free curriculum of digital math modules under its ‘Expect the Unexpected with Math’ program. The foundation needed to migrate the program’s resource library away from its previous host website, Scholastic. The end goal was to create a new digital platform to deliver the program’s collection of lessons and activities to the key target audience – teachers.


The Solution

The foundation began the search for a web design company. Ultimately, they chose GraVoc to build a responsive website that would house the ‘Expect the Unexpected with Math’ program’s educational content.
Website Design & Development

The Outcome

Our web designers created a fully responsive and interactive digital resource library for The Actuarial Foundation’s ‘Expect the Unexpected with Math’ program. The new website makes the program’s resource library of activities and lessons accessible and usable for teachers.

the challenge: find new host site for math resource library.

The Actuarial Foundation is driven by one goal – improve students’ math confidence and skills. To achieve this, the foundation provides free math education and financial literacy programs. One such program is ‘Expect the Unexpected with Math.’ The program includes lessons and activities with interesting storylines designed to engage students in grades 6-8. Teachers can incorporate these resources in their classrooms to convey the relevance of math and motivate students to achieve math success.

The foundation was hosting the program’s collection of printables, digital activities, and video content on Scholastic. But, once this partnership ended, they needed to find a different platform to host these resources. The challenge was to find the right solution to deliver their educational math resource library in a similarly user-friendly and accessible digital format.

the solution: responsive & searchable WordPress website.

The Actuarial Foundation approached GraVoc to build a digital resource library for the ‘Expect the Unexpected with Math’ program. This new platform would ensure the program’s educational content remained accessible and discoverable for teachers.

Using WordPress, GraVoc’s web designers developed a fully responsive and interactive website for the program. The searchable website allows the user to filter the content by grade, subject, and resource type. The subjects that can be filtered include algebra, base ten number system, charts & graphs, fractions & decimals, geometry, statistics and more.  This dynamic filtering allows teachers  to seamlessly and quickly find activities for their students.

The Actuarial Foundation-resource library-filters
The Actuarial Foundation-resource library-activity

The resources are organized in visually appealing content blocks with vibrant, colorful imagery. Site visitors can click on the ‘Go to Activity’ button on any block which will launch that activity online. The activities include interactive games, video lessons, online quizzes,  lab activities and more. Similarly, the user can easily access downloadable copies of printable lesson plans. A status bar at the top of each activity informs the user of how far they have progressed in the lesson.

Site visitors can engage with the digital resource library on any device or browser of their choosing as the website is completely responsive.

the outcome: math resource library remains accessible & discoverable online.

The Actuarial Foundation now has a mobile-friendly and searchable website to host its math resource library. Backed by the user-friendly WordPress CMS, the new website is easy to manage, giving the foundation’s team more flexibility to make updates to the content.

Teachers can easily navigate the resource library to discover math activities, lesson plans, and other content to engage and empower their students. The new, interactive resource library website allows The Actuarial Foundation to keep this educational content accessible online as it continues to deliver programs that cultivate the next generation of math-skilled thinkers!

The Actuarial Foundation-resource library-homepage

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