What’s the difference between Information Technology and Information Security? While the two compliment one another, their differences outweigh their similarities. It is imperative that these two professions have a strong relationship in order to facilitate the proper technology and security. Below we will discuss further the roles that each profession holds.

Information Technology

Information Technology specialists will find and deploy technology that will be helpful and beneficial to your business.

Information Security

Information Security specialists find ways to ensure that technology is secure & hazard-free from possible breaches or hack attacks.

What is Information Technology?

The role of an IT professional is to research and implement new technologies that will help your business to grow. They research your company by learning the front ends and back ends of how your business works.  Their next step is to find or create a solution that is tailored to your business. Budget costs and ease of use are often major factors when implementing a new technology software. Main goals of an IT specialist includes maximizing network performance minimizing downtime, enhance communications, facilitate information sharing and support more efficient processes.

When dealing with Information Technology, it can sometimes be difficult to align IT investments with business objectives in order to strike a balance between functionality, security and cost. A well trained IT specialist should be able to find a balance in a way that makes the most sense for your business. Think of Information Technology as the vehicle that stores and transports data from one unit to another.

Common Information Technology services include: Data Backup, Replication, Virtualization, Firewall Implementation, Remote Access, IT Planning, LAN/WAN Design, Hosted/Cloud Services, Email Optimization, Storage Area Networks, Technology Equipment Specification, Network Performance Analysis, Network Maintenance, Patch Management, Troubleshooting, Technology Monitoring.

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What is Information Security?

Security is defined as “the state of being free from danger or threat.” The role of an Information Security specialist is to protect your business’ secure and confidential information.  For a business to have a security attack would be a devastating blow to both the company and its customers. A good Information Security specialist should be able to identify, understand and resolve configuration and security vulnerabilities before they are exploited by real-life attacks. Part of an effective information security program is an organizations ability to respond quickly and thoroughly to potential data breaches.

Information Security specialists are responsible for communication security as well as network security. Communication security deals with the protection of a business’ communication media, content and technology. Network security focuses on the protection of a company’s connections and networking security.  Keeping data confidential is critical in Information Security.

Common Information Security Services include: Penetration Testing, Risk Assessments, Disaster Recovery, Digital Forensics, IT Audit, Information Security Program Development, Business Continuity Planning, Social Engineering Testing, Incident Reports, External Vulnerability Assessment, Internal Vulnerability Assessment, Wireless Security Assessment, Web & Mobile Application Testing, Compliance Gap Analysis, IT General Controls Audit

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