Right now, social media marketing is getting all of the hype as the ‘it’ thing of the present and future, while email marketing appears stuck in the past. Well, that’s not quite true. Yes, there is no doubt social media marketing is an important aspect of any business’ marketing campaign. However, it’s also certainly not time to abandon those email newsletters. And now, with email marketing services like MailChimp, creating and sending out newsletters and important updates to your customers can be painless, and even fun!

So, what can you achieve with email marketing that other platforms don’t offer?


1. Reach everyone

  • Everyone has an email address or two (or five), and unless they are providing you with a fake address, your newsletter is going to reach them. Contrarily, with social media marketing, your targeted audience must have an account on the social media platform(s) you are active on. Even so, it is possible your message will miss their news feed, or they won’t scroll down far enough to see it. With email marketing, the newsletter will always be there waiting for them, no matter when they check it.


2. Make it pretty

  • Email newsletters don’t have to be boring, and don’t have to fall in line with the styling of social networks. With email newsletters, you can custom design each one to fit perfectly with your brand and your message. And now, with services like MailChimp, the possibility of those designs are seemingly endless.


3. Target your communication

  • With email marketing, you can create unlimited amounts of groups to specify who you want your newsletters to reach. Everything doesn’t have to go out to everyone. This gives you full control to target specific group of customers for different reasons. Or, you can even test out different subject lines on separate groups to see which one has the most effect, allowing you to streamline your marketing practices even more.


4. Get your stats

  • Email marketing services will report back to you all the statistics of each newsletter, and even statistics on your individual subscribers. You can track email open rates, clicks, subscriptions and un-subscriptions, social media shares, and much more.


5. Do it automatically

  • Don’t have time to design a newsletter each month? With email marketing services such as MailChimp, you can design it once, set it to pull through your rss feed, and set a time interval for it to send. That’s all it takes, and you’ll be sending out newsletters of your latest blog posts on set dates and times. If you haven’t added any since the last one went out, it just won’t send that time around! That way, customers can stay up to date with your business, even if they don’t regularly visit your blog.


While email newsletters can clearly be great marketing tools for your business, as with any marketing tool, it can be used wrong as well. When sending your newsletters, make sure to space them out reasonably as to not crowd your customer’s inbox. I think most people can agree, while a useful and informative newsletter is great, getting five a day from the same company gets annoying very quickly. Also, give your subject line some thought. Your subject line is what’s going to grab your subscriber’s attention, and make them decide right then and there if they want to read it or not. So, make it enticing, and keep it relevant. Finally, take some time to make your newsletter look good. Once you’ve grabbed your reader’s attention with you subject line, keep it with appealing content. A well designed newsletter will make you look professional and modern, and keep your reader’s interest as they read through your awesome content!


Need a little help getting started on your way to successful email marketing campaigns? Well, we can help you with that! Need a little help getting started on your way to successful email marketing campaigns? Well, we can help you with that! Here at GraVoc, we have all of the tools, knowledge, and experience to get your business set up on a solid email marketing service. We have years of experience working with our favorite email marketing service, Mailchimp. We know the ins and outs of MailChimp, and how to use it to its full potential. We can get you started and keep you going by setting you up with an account, building out professional templates and newsletters, and creating lists and group of your subscribers so you’re sending out the right content to just the right people.





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