The GraVoc Cemetery Management System (GCMS) is a comprehensive, easy-to-use system that allows cemeteries and crematories to track, manage, and maintain the multiple components of their organizations.  GraVoc designed GCMS in response to the needs of our customers. Many of our customers in the death care industry felt that existing software platforms did not adequately meet their business management and administrative needs. Using feedback from customers and industry leaders, GraVoc developed a platform that allows users to control information about owner records, interments, cremations, sales, and invoicing, as well as store history and demographic data for owners, co-owners, and relatives. GCMS communicates with a majority of back-end accounting systems, allowing for easy integration between systems. Some additional features of GCMS include:

  • Inventory and property tracking
  • Data management for owners and interments
  • Customizable user-defined fields
  • Custom sale, inventory, and accounting reports
  • Integration with mapping module to locate property and manage lot availability

GraVoc’s consulting services include professional installation, in-house training, and secure data hosting and backup. GraVoc can also assist in record conversion and data transfer to ensure a reliable and comprehensive record database. To learn more about the GraVoc Cemetery Management System, or to request a project quote, please visit

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