Attending Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2012 offered GraVoc employees more than a look at the latest technology and software from Microsoft. It also presented an opportunity to come together with customers outside of the office setting to discuss ideas for moving forward and utilizing the newest Microsoft solutions to the benefit of their businesses. Several GraVoc customers joined GraVoc at Convergence, using the week to gain greater insight into Microsoft’s Dynamics product line.

“Customers that attended got to see new functionality and experience hands-on activities in the lab, which helped answer some of their questions,” noted Steve Rizzo, one of five GraVoc representatives to attend Convergence 2012. “Additionally, during the lunch and dinner breaks the GraVoc staff explained what they had learned in the sessions that they attended and how it applied to our customers’ business.  I think they felt reassured that were keeping their best interests in mind.”

In particular, GraVoc’s attendees learned more about the robust functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its potential for GraVoc customers in the near future. GraVoc CEO Dave Gravel attended a session on a customer care accelerator for Dynamics CRM that allows users to assemble data from multiple business applications into a single interface to create a comprehensive picture of customer interaction.

“CRM is a lot more than sales automation,” Gravel commented. “You can use it for business process management, session management, and computer telephony integration (CTI). Really great stuff, and it’s all built into one container!”

Likewise, Rizzo attended several CRM sessions and expressed an interest in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile, the latest update to CRM.

“All of the customers that we have been working with to implement CRM are looking for this tool and stress its importance to their organization,” Rizzo explained. “It will be nice to be able to fill that need.”

Following the conference, Rizzo and associate Paul Lincoln were able to continue spending quality time with a GraVoc customer as they toured the Houston facilities of Fiberspar, a leading manufacturer of fiber-reinforced pipeline for the oil and gas industry. GraVoc has worked with Fiberspar for many years providing information systems solutions.

Ultimately, Convergence 2012 was less about the newest gadgets and opportunities to move CRM and ERP to the cloud, and more about experiencing the event alongside customers.

“We had many laughs together, and it is good to spend time outside of the work environment,” Gravel concluded. “Our business is all about relationships and this is how they are formed.”

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