The staff of GraVoc Associates, Inc. joined forces with the Peabody Education Council (PEC) this past Thursday to help out with a Spelling Bee and silent auction held at the Northshore Mall in Peabody. GraVoc is always looking for ways to contribute to the Peabody community, and events such as the Spelling Bee offer GraVoc employees the chance to get involved with the city in which they work.

“A social conscience is critical to the fabric of a lasting company,” said GraVoc President/CEO David Gravel. Gravel, who also serves as Chairman of the PEC, encouraged his staff to get involved with the Spelling Bee. Director of Media Brian Gravel and associate Matt Molk provided audio equipment for the event, while associate Katrina Gravel served as one of the judges. Other GraVoc employees were on hand to assist with the silent auction and to support and cheer on the students throughout the competition.

The Peabody Education Council promotes collaboration between businesses, schools, and the community to enrich the quality of public education, and Thursday’s event demonstrated the positive results of such partnerships. In an effort to continue fostering connections between the business world and the Peabody community, GraVoc employees will be participating in several future PEC programs, including Career Day at Peabody High School and mentoring several high school students this spring.

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