Thursday morning November 13, GraVoc sent three staff members to Peabody City Hall for a breakfast round-table discussion regarding the North Shore’s “Creative Economy.”

Creativity has always been the backbone of GraVoc’s development. Since the very beginning, GraVoc’s hard-working staff has had an ability to stay on the cutting-edge of innovation so the company can suit the needs of its customers. GraVoc has used creativity to write or customize powerful software, find the right high-tech tools, or create policies rapidly so that customers could make the best out of their business.

GraVoc’s range of services, now made clear on the NEW, is a dynamic list. GraVoc’s consultants are experts in the fields of information technology, information security, and software development, and their expertise combined with their flexibility has resulted in a constantly growing catalogue of services, making GraVoc a market leader. Six months ago, GraVoc’s Field Service Automation software was a work in progress. A month and a half ago, the MGL 93H compliance program was just an idea.

If your company needs a creative solution to make your job or the jobs of your employees easier, we encourage you to explore what GraVoc has to offer. We are willing to meet your challenges and get creative to make your business run the way you want it to.

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