is creating a simpler way to connect services to WooCommerce. The purpose is to create a better experience for eCommerce users and developers. WooCommerce Connect has just begun alpha testing as a feature extension.  This extension will allow users to simply integrate eCommerce features such as payment and shipment options directly into their store, hassle-free.

WooCommerce’s core strength is in it’s ability to become easily customizable. However, doing simple things like adding shipping can become complicated. With WooCommerce Connect, there are no extensions to install, no API keys and no subscription keys. WooCommerce has eliminated the need to manually add API keys because the connection lives on their end and those keys will already be in place. By hosting the code on their servers your website’s load time will decrease and you will have a more stable performance and will not have to keep up with regular updates.

Currently, WooCommerce Connect is being tested by developers. They have incorporated a USPS feature which will pull in real-time shipping rates for stores based in the United States. While there is no roll out date for WooCommerce Connect, we will be monitoring their progress in development and will let you know when it is available!

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