SEO or Search engine Optimization is changing constantly, however, by staying up-to-date with the latest news on SEO, you will have no problem adapting to new changes. Search engines such as Google and Bing are continually working on their algorithms to better improve the search for their visitors. Attempting to stay on top of all these updates and alogrithum changes can be timely and if you do not know what you are doing then it can become detrimental to your business’ online presence as a whole. Before you dive into SEO, it is important to understand the basics of technical search engine optimization. Technical SEO deals with the structure of your website rather optimizing the content of your site. While there are many fields to consider when dealing with technical SEO, we will be focusing on the three main fields we consider to be the most important.

Site Speed Time

If your website takes a long time to load this can possibly decrease your search engine rankings.  Your sites bounce rate plays a huge role in rankings . If your website has a high bounce rate there could be a number of things that are turning visitors away from that particular page. A possible reason is that the page is taking way to long to load. In today’s society people expect websites to display high graphic pictures with a fast loading time. This can sometimes be tricky to do has the higher quality the picture, the longer the page will take to load. However there are many tools that can help resize large images without losing the quality of the image thus making the page’s load time even faster and reducing your website’s bounce rate.

Another reason as to why your websites bounce rate may be high is that visitors are just not engaging with your content. This could be the case if your websites content is boring. Making your visitors stick to your website can sometimes be tricky. In a past blog post, we explained possible tips to increase the stickiness of your website’s content. In this blog post we mentioned 8 possbile tips to creating a sticky website, some of those tips included including images and videos onto your site, easy navigation, personalization and more.


  • Number of web users who will abandon your page if its load time is 3 seconds or more 57% 57%
  • Number of web users who expect a website to load in under two seconds 47% 47%

Site Architecture

Just like you would make navigation easy for your viewer, you would want to do the same for Google. Having an easy to understand sitemap can make all the difference when it comes to search engine rankings. If Google has a hard time crawling through your website, it will likely lower your rankings. A way to make sure that Google has a clear understanding of the content and architecture of your website is by using Google’s Webmaster Tools. The Webmaster told offer website owners the ability to upload their own sitemap. By adding your own sitemap directly into Google’s Webmaster tools you are removing any lag time that may occur when a search engine re-crawl your site. Google Webmaster Tools will also make you aware of any issues that you may be experiencing.




Mobile is quickly becoming the main device where people are viewing websites. Having a website that responds to both device and browser is EXTREMELY important. Last April, Google rolled out it’s Mobilegeddon update. This updated included an algorithm created by Google that lowered  search engine rankings on websites that are not mobile or tablet friendly. As technology advances, it seems as thou people are gravitating more toward their phone when needing to obtain information. This is why designers, developers and business owners should be creating websites with a mobile-first approach rather than creating for desktop and then optimizing for mobile. Researches see this trend as only going up which is why it is important to make sure your website is responsive.


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