Would you know if your website has been hacked? With owning a website comes the risk of being compromised. It is important to note that the hack may not be a WordPress-specific issue. Anything that you may have connected to the internet can be a potential hack zone. So how can you tell if your site has been compromised? Below we have created a list of basic signs that your website has been attacked.

Unable to login to your Admin panel 

This is one of the most common security breaches that can signify that you have been hacked. In a situation like this, the hacker may hijack your account so that you may no longer access your site.


Your website is redirecting to another site

Hackers will use their hijacked websites to redirect them to different sites. If you are experiencing a redirection of your website, there is a high probability that your site has been compromised.


Strange links

A sneaky approach that some hackers use is replacing call-to-actions with different links. For example, if you have a ‘Read More’ button on your website, a hacker can change the link and redirect the person to a malicious website without the user understanding what happened.


Warning from your browser

Some browsers, such as Google Chrome, will notify the user if they suspect a potential threat. Browsers can detect malware, phishing attempts, cross-referencing and other hacks on the web so it is important to keep an eye out for these browser warnings.


Web host takes your website offline  

Web host providers usually have systems in place to scan and check if any of the websites they are hosting have been hacked. If they see that a website has been hacked they will pull that website down to prevent the threat from spreading.


Sudden traffic spikes 

If you notice a sudden, unexplained spike in your visitor count, your site could be compromised. Hackers will use your clean site as a front for their malware-riddled site. They are linking to your domain, yet redirecting to their own site.


Having a hacked website is not a pleasant experience but unfortunately these type of attacks do happen. These are just a few ways that you can determine on your own if your website has been hacked. Being observant and noticing anything that looks out of the ordinary plays a major role in staying on top of threats and adds an extra layer of security.

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