Website contact forms often lack in design with the main purpose being to collect information. The design aspect of these forms seems to have been overlooked for all these years. However, Divi has made it extremely simple to spruce these forms up and make them more eye-catching for the user. This post will go over how you can add unique styles to your own contact form that will make them pop out.

Divi has a very simple contact form by default. This will act as our starting point for all of our examples below. With Divi’s contact form module, you can add as many fields as you need and you can exclude any spam messages by adding a captcha seen below. Divi Contact Form

When you start to play around with the settings of the contact module, you’ll quickly notice there are a lot of different ways to make your form really pop. Within the contact forms advanced design settings you change the following elements:

  • Title font size
  • Title text color
  • Title letter spacing
  • Title line height
  • Form field text size


  • Form field letter spacing
  • Form field line height
  • Custom border
  • Custom buttons


With all these advanced settings, you can alter any aspect of the form that you wish to truly match your company’s brand. Having a contact form that stands out is a great way to draw attention to the form and possibly collect more leads. Below are a few examples of designed contact forms that we created to show you how you can get creative with these stylish contact forms.


Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.55.40 AM






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