You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Content is King’. This is suggesting that the more content you can produce, the better your website will be ranked. We strongly believe in this philosophy, however we recognize that taking the time to crank out blog posts on a weekly basis is timely and could be costly. Below we have outlined 4 ways to increase your website traffic without taking the time to produce blog posts.

1. Backlinks 

Instead of spending time creating new content for your site, a good idea is to promote the content that you already have. By having others link to your website you are creating backlinks to your website. Even cross-linking on your website with your own content is good as long as you do not over do it. Social Triggers mentions how they spends 80% of their time promoting content that they already have. Another great way to create backlinks to your website to is simply ask people to link to you on their website. The more backlinks you have aimed at your website, the better!

2. Update Existing Content

As previously mentioned, sometimes you do not have to create new content. Instead, try updating existing content with relevant information. Google takes notice of this and can sometimes raise your search engine rankings. Regularly reposting old content with new information is a great way to keep that blog post in rotation and up-to-date on the web.

3. Repurpose Content in New Forms

Say you have a blog post with great content, you can republish this content in a new form such as a video or a podcast. If your blog post has a lot of informational data in it, you can even create an infographic to accompany your blog post. Repurposing your old content in different forms is a great way to save time by using the information that you have already written. Get creative and see how you can repurpose your old content.

4. Email Marketing & Social Media

Having a newsletter is a great way to spread your content as well as create backlinks to your website. A newsletter draws in customers to your website. Since your readers have all opted into your newsletter, it is important to send out relevant information for them to enjoy.  Social media is also a great way to increase website traffic as well.  By sharing your links on social media, not only are you creating backlinks for yourself but you these an chance that someone might see your link and share it, thus creating more backlinks for you.


These are just a few examples of how you can increase your website traffic without spending to much time. For more tips on how increase your website traffic contact a GraVoc assocaite for more information!

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