KYS Embroidery Supplies is owned and operated by Harry and Wendy Katz. KYS sells Embroidery Supplies and is committed to providing their customers with solutions for any embroidery issue they may have. GraVoc was called in to redesign their existing website and to integrate an E-commerce store along with it. E-commerce allows for consumers to purchase goods over the Internet without any location or time barriers.  By bringing their store online, KYS has unlocked millions of opportunities for business growth, exposure and marketing opportunities.


API Integration

We use a range of API’s to help make the websites we build more dynamic and feature-rich. features an integration between Stripe and WooCommerce.



Coupon Code's & Account Login allows the option to create an account and for returning customers to login. It was also built with the ability to add in coupon codes for sales and marketing.


Mobile and Tablets

The new KYS website will respond to any screen that it is being viewed on. This includes all iPhones,Androids, iPads and tablets.

Why go Responsive?

Find out why having a responsive website is crucial for your search engine rankings: Responsive Websites