Technology Implementation

Configuring your technology implementations

Efficient and Secure Technology Implementations

GraVoc’s technology implementation services are focused on ensuring efficient, secure IT operations for our customers and driving the most value out of their technology investments. A successful system implementation requires thorough planning and design at the front-end. GraVoc takes the time to analyze your organization to ensure the proper technology systems are implemented.

Technology Implementation Services Include:

Data Backup/Replication

Your business’s information assets are crucial to your operation. GraVoc will put the tools in place that will allow you to back up and restore your information if the unthinkable happens.

Firewalls & Remote Access

Your network resources and information assets should only be available to those with a business need to access them. GraVoc will help configure your network’s settings so that access is limited to authorized individuals.


As companies are faced with spatial and budgetary restrictions, virtualization is often a better option to a company instead of investing in multiple servers. GraVoc can help your organization move to a virtual environment using new or existing network resources.

Wireless Networks

Needing a wire to access the Internet can prove to be inconvenient to your end-users. GraVoc can enable your staff to connect from anywhere in your office with the wireless tools that are appropriate for your organization.

Also Supporting…

E-mails Servers & Applications

Servers & Endpoints

Routers & Switches

Storage Area Networks


Implementations Done the Right Way

Many companies have difficulties choosing and implementing technology components that are needed for their everyday operations. On the other hand, some companies are able to implement their new technology, but somewhere in the middle there was a configuration issue. GraVoc will take care of every aspect of your implementation leaving you with a fully functional system that will not give you any issues later on down the road.

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