Network Design Services

Seamlessly connecting your network infrastructure

Maximizing Value Out Of Your Infrastructure

One of the most critical investments made by businesses is in its information technology infrastructure. It is often difficult to align IT investment with business objectives and strike the proper balance between functionality, security, and cost. GraVoc can help your business strike the balance in the way that makes the most sense for your business from top to bottom. GraVoc aims to maximize value and return on your IT investment.

LAN/WAN Design

Your local area network or wide area network (LAN/WAN) should be able to process the information moving throughout it efficiently. You shouldn’t, however, be forced to pay for power capabilities, and resources that you may never use. GraVoc looks to provide you with the right network resources helping you choose the right tools for your anticipated inflow, outflow, and storage of information, and help you strike the balance that drives most value.

Equipment Specification

GraVoc’s professionals can help guide and implement new equipment that your business or organization may need. By analyzing your company and it’s infrastructure we can assure that the implementation of Information Technology equipment is seamless.

Network Performance Analysis

Once GraVoc tests all new equipment implemented, we then check the network performance. This includes a thorough analysis of all routers, servers, cables, adapters etc. We will ensure that you are receiving the strongest connection that is allowed for your business.

Strategic Planning & IT Budgeting

Network components do not last forever. GraVoc can help your organization manage the lifecycle of its IT assets, helping you prepare for anticipated upgrades, equipment replacements and other changes to avoid costly surprises.

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