IT Support & Managed Services

Optimizing the use of your IT infrastructure

Maintaining Your Infrastructure

GraVoc offers IT support & managed services for companies throughout Massachusetts, New England and beyond who do not have their own IT staff or need additional expertise to supplement their own in-house knowledge. Allow your workers to focus on what they specialize in and free up time by letting us manage your network infrastructure.

Remote or On-Site IT Support & Managed Services Include:

Monitoring Services

GraVoc can provide you with the network monitoring tools that help you make the best decisions for your company. Monitoring solutions will help you evaluate how your network is being utilized, whether updates and patches are being installed, whether your network remains free from viruses or vulnerabilities, or what users are doing on the Internet.

Network Maintenance

Hardware failure, software failure, end-user error, newly-discovered software vulnerabilities, and compatibility issues may leave your IT infrastructure working incorrectly. GraVoc can diagnose the problem and offer a solution that works with the rest of your network and your budget.


If your systems are out of date and need an update, GraVoc can help you upgrade your hardware and software so you can take advantage of the newer version’s capabilities without losing functionality, compatibility with other systems, or data integrity.

Troubleshooting & Break/Fix Services

Malfunctioning software, Internet connections, or IT assets impede your business’s productivity. GraVoc will perform the necessary computer repair, virus removal, or hardware replacement services. GraVoc’s normal support hours are 7-7 from Monday through Friday, but emergency services are available 24 hours a day.

Also Supporting…

Help Desk & End User Support

Remote & On-Site Support

Performance Training

Patch Management

The Benefits of Managed Services

Managed Information Technology services can be a major relief for companies of all sizes. Having managed services will keep your employees focused on core business operations while allowing them to work on new revenue-generating opportunities. While your employees are focused on their work, they will have the security of knowing that their networks are updated, speedy, and safe. GraVoc has a diverse customer base, with some companies having 10-50 employees and others who have 100+. Each company is different in size and so are their reasons for needing managed services.

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