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Almost every business is using some sort of application to help drive their success. Traditionally these applications have been client / server based however more and more of these applications are moving to the cloud. Cloud application development offers many advantages including flexibility, cost savings and streamline development timelines. GraVoc’s creative team has been at the forefront of this development leveraging the latest web-based and mobile technologies to deliver custom cloud applications for businesses

Better, Faster, Stronger

To remain competitive, business applications must run efficiently across many devices & browsers. GraVoc cloud app development team strives to provide stellar user experience no matter what device a person is on. Coupled with agile development methodologies, this approach produces robust applications, quickly and often for less

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Choosing the right development stack can be critical in terms of scaling and transforming your application. Our team is well versed in platforms for building fast and scalable server applications including Express, Node.js, React, Angular, Firebase & MongoDB.

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Data Driven

Data is the key to any application. The GraVoc Creative team understands the importance of this data and has many strategies to integrate, host and secure your critical business data. Our team is well versed in API development to connect data from legacy databases and we also write bi-directional integrations with other platforms. We also partner with some of the world’s leading hosting providers including Rackspace, LiquidWeb, Amazon Web Services and more to ensure your app is stable and that your data is backed up & secure.

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Native iOs & Android Apps

For companies that have a mobile-first strategy, our team has experience building and deploying apps on both the Android & iOS platform. These apps often take use of the mobile device’s hardware functionality such as the camera for barcode scanning. While native apps often have a longer development cycle, the end result is a unique tool for your business or organization.

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