​custom laboratory information management system cloud application eliminates paper-based processes.

about our client.

Our client is a certified cannabis testing laboratory based in Florida that provides superior laboratory testing and results to the cannabis industry. The company tests cannabis samples against state regulations and provides clients with a Certificate of Analysis (COA).
Industry: Cannabis/Healthcare
Number of employees: ~ 87

At a Glance


The Challenge

The client was using a legacy Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that could not electronically track and store all data from cannabis samples. These gaps in functionality were forcing the company to maintain paper records and causing inefficiencies in the sample processing workflow.

The Solution

GraVoc developed a custom cloud LIMS that streamlines sample processing, allowing the client to track samples, import test results into the application, and automate analysis of results against state regulations.

Application development services provided include:


Ideation & planning


Architecture design


API integration




QA testing


Support & maintenance


The Outcome

Now, with all sample data digitally captured and centralized in the application, the client can eliminate paper-based processes, improve visibility, and ensure accuracy of records.


the challenge: inefficient legacy LIMS application.

The company was using a legacy LIMS for sample management. However, the application was not equipped to import and store data collected during sample testing and analysis.

Due to the application’s limitations, the company had to manually record this data on paper, which left room for human error and made distribution difficult. Further, as the company began to process a growing number of samples, the application could not deliver the high performance necessary for a fast turnaround on orders.

So, the client came to GraVoc for a custom LIMS application – tailored to automate cannabis sample tracking, analysis, and storage workflows as well as eliminate the need for paper records.

the solution: turnkey LIMS cloud application.

Before we began development, our team worked closely with the client to review their sample processing workflow. Further, we evaluated the company’s existing LIMS to identify gaps in functionality. Through this discovery process, our team decided on must-have functionality for the application and UI/UX design.

In order to improve efficiency and accuracy, we knew the company needed the ability to import results to the application and automate calculations based on state laws. To start, we redeveloped the old LIMS’ existing functionality in the new cloud application, and then added new features to keep pace with fast-changing cannabis regulations. The integrated, robust LIMS cloud application now captures and centralizes all sample data – from the moment an order is received through testing and storage. All sample records are digitally tracked and stored in the new, secure cloud application. Clients can also log into the LIMS to place orders and receive reports.


New features we designed for the application include:

The LIMS automatically measures test results against state-specific regulations, allowing the client’s team to speed up sample processing and reporting.
The client’s team can import test results from their instruments into the application, so all data is stored electronically.
We allowed many of the data and rules to be dynamic to accommodate the ever-changing nature of state regulations.

the outcome:
faster sample processing & no more paper records

samples processed

active users

Since the application’s launch, the company has processed 8,000 samples through the redeveloped LIMS. The application also has 2,122 active users.

With all sample data, test results, and reports electronically available and centralized in the application, the company no longer needs to perform manual data entry or maintain paper-based systems. This has allowed for better accuracy and efficiency in record keeping as well as more streamlined sample processing. The new LIMS has provided the client’s team with greater visibility and access to all data collected from samples.

The LIMS capturing all sample data also opened the doors for additional metric tracking, reporting, and analysis.

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