You may have heard the saying “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Like the rest of America our Dynamics ERP customers have found new challenges while working from home as compared to at the office.  There has been a significant rethinking of everyday processes because of it.  Once-simple tasks like signing AP checks, getting approvals on transactions, receiving cash receipts, and printing and distributing financial reports has become irregular, impossible, or even simply ignored. 

Additionally, a new urgency has come to the accounting department for providing more meaningful and actionable intelligence as well as keeping a close, more frequent watch on inflows and outflows of cash and expected disbursements.  Tracking, reporting, and engaging the right people to manage outstanding and potentially challenging customer receivables or relationships through the coming months (and beyond).

Check out our webinar above where our co-workers David Laster and Mark Wiley summarize a number of tools, techniques, and methods that we ourselves and our Dynamics customers have been putting into place to accommodate the new reality of remote working situations.  We hope you enjoy this forum where we present a digest of ideas that may be worth considering to gain some efficiencies for your ERP environment!

In this webinar, we’ll go over these 11 topics of recent and growing interest from within our Software Solutions customer base – maybe a few of these are of interest or apply to you!

1) Using GP or Power BI Remotely
2) Free PDF options and Emailing Invoices from GP
3) Cash in/out Reporting with Power BI
4) Customer Statements in GP
5) Customer Receivables Reporting with Power BI
6) SmartList Reminders and Go-Tos in GP

7)  Customer Aging Reports for Salesperson/Credit Manager with SSRS
8)  Workflow in GP
9)  Labor / Project Forecasting with Power BI
10) Vendor EFT / NACHA Payments in GP
11) GP user Security Auditing with Power BI

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